Roop Betala

Roop Betala a Professional Investment banker and Private Equity Investor.

Roop Betala started running in 2013 when his son challenged him to run, after his 2013 SCMM and then registered him for Thane Hiranandani Marathon, since then Roop Betala has run 123 Half marathon in about 33 Countries and 80 Cities. Roop Betala has ran 5 Half Marathon in 2013 and in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 he ran 27 Half Marathon and thus awarded in 2016 ” Most Consistent Runner”

Roop has run Twice Blind Folded half Marathon to promote Eye Donation Campaign in India. Roop Betala a passionate running he has also completed a 100 Days Running Challenge in 2015 with 1008 KM and 2016 with 1111.11KM and 2017 with 1008KM. Roop Betala ran his first Ultra Marathon in 2016 of 72KM on 72nd Independent day. Roop Betala runs his age during his Birthday Month. Roop is a regular pacer and paced at various events.

Recently Roop ran with his team for Menstrual Hygiene run in Delhi with Miss World 2017, Dr.Manushi Chhillar and about 300 student from NDMC.

Roop Betala was appointed as a Race Director for CAIRN Pink City Half Marathon for 6th edition, which is going to take place in December 2021 at Jaipur

Roop Betala run with one theme.

“Run Forever Fun Forever”